About Us

Smartcool is a global clean technology company helping some of the world’s largest organizations enhance their profitability, while lowering their carbon footprint.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the most effective and reliable energy efficiency solutions for our customers' cooling systems.

Smartcool Systems Inc. is a clean technology company, publicly listed on the Toronto Venture Exchange (TSX-V: SSC). Smartcool works with customers around the world to make their air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump systems more energy efficient using our own unique technology.

The ECO3 and ESM are Smartcool’s retrofit technologies that reduce the energy consumption of compressors in air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump systems (HVAC-R). Saving an average of 15% to 20% kWh, the ECO3 and ESM deliver a rapid return on investment in approximately 12 to 36 months.  The technology has been validated by rigorous third party testing, government organizations and over 28,000 private business installations.

Energy prices around the globe continue to rise, while increasing environmental awareness is pushing businesses to ‘go green’. Smartcool provides companies around the world with a solution to address the growing pressure to reduce energy costs, increase profits and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Smartcool is reducing greenhouse gas emissions by an estimated 260,000 tons and electricity use by approximately 221,000 megawatts each year for its existing customers. This is enough electricity to supply about 18,000 homes at Canadian levels of energy consumption (one of the highest in the world).


Our History

The ESM was invented by an engineer in Australia in the 1980s, and delievered on a limited basis to market by Abbotly Technologies Pty Ltd.  Smartcool Systems Inc. was founded in Vancouver in 2004 as the North American distributor for the ESM on behalf of Abbotly. In 2006, Smartcool purchased the assets of Abbotly, including intellectual property of the ESM, and became the sole distributor and manufacturer.

Following the acquisition of the technology, Smartcool began developing an international network of distributors as well as working directly with major end customer accounts around the world. Smartcool Systems USA Inc. and Smartcool Systems EMEA Ltd. were formed to provide regional support to distributors and manage regional accounts with Smartcool's growing list of Fortune 500 customers.

In 2009, Smartcool expanded its product line with the launch of the ECO3, providing an economical application of the original ESM technology for smaller air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump systems with simple control systems.  Ongoing research and development has produced several new generations of the ESM, keeping it at the forefront of energy efficiency technology in the HVAC-R market.

Continued product development has matched ongoing corporate consolidation, with the acquisition in early 2011 of Smartcool Systems UK Ltd., a previously independent distributor.  Today, Smartcool has offices in Canada, the USA and the UK, providing the ECO3 and ESM to a global network of distributors and end customers.