Smartcool sells the ECO3 and ESM directly to customers and through a network of independent distributors. Contact us today to learn about how you can build your business with the best HVACR energy efficiency retrofits on the market.

Who can become a distributor?

Smartcool is currently recruiting companies to join the network of successful ECO3 distributors. Potential distributors should have electrical engineering expertise and experience working with air conditioning, refrigeration and/or heat pump systems, as well as a strong sales team with knowledge of energy management and efficiency issues.

Why become a Smartcool ECO3 distributor?



Massive global market

No matter where you are, energy efficiency is desirable, and cost effective energy efficiency is vital. With Smartcool's ECO3, you can offer your customers greater energy efficiency on a virtually unlimited range of air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump equipment and applications.

Proven, safe product

The ECO3 has been proven to work by extensive third party testing and thousands of installations worldwide, including Fortune 500 companies. The ECO3 brings your customers confidence in energy efficiency performance with no risk to existing equipment and without wasting time and money with faulty products!



Training & support

Distributors are the foundation of Smartcool’s globally successful business, and we invest accordingly. Distributors receive considerable initial training as well as ongoing technical, sales and marketing support.

Beat the competition

There are other energy efficiency products for HVAC-R, but none which offer the range of benefits and peace of mind that the ECO3 presents. Easily verifiable energy savings, extensive safety features, quick and simple installation, and ongoing product development keep Smartcool’s ECO3 and its distributors miles ahead of competitors.

Contact us to learn more about becoming an ECO3 distributor.