With Smartcool technology, we are looking at the potential to save in excess of $50,000 per year. Every dollar we can save on our operations can be invested in strengthening our communities.
— Tim Ackerman, VP of Buildings & Grounds, YMCA Suncoast

Installing energy efficiency technology, such as Smartcool’s ESM, makes an immediate impact on our profit margins by significantly reducing our energy costs.
— Jim Alvarez, President of Coast Citrus

Smartcool follows 3 simple steps to help you cut your energy consumption and costs:

1. Energy Review

Smartcool or a local distributor visits your building or home to gather information on what cooling equipment you have and how much energy it uses. This energy audit is free and you have no obligation to go any further.

2. Energy Savings Proposal

Using our findings from the Energy Review, we give you a proposal that tells you how much energy and money we can save you, and how much a Smartcool project will cost. An average Smartcool project would save you 15% kWh usage from your cooling compressors and give you a return on investment in approximately 12 to 36 months.

3. Installation

If you are happy with our Energy Savings Proposal, we schedule the installation and get started on saving you energy. All work is done by Smartcool approved contractors or employees according to all applicable codes, regulations, and facility-specific safety and operational requirements. All Smartcool contractors have appropriate worker's compensation and general liability insurance coverage.

You will see immediate energy savings once Smartcool is installed.

Contact us today to get started and save energy on your air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump systems.